It’s hard to get a cold in the summer, I’m afraid you have done 3 things wrong.


It’s hard to get a cold in the summer, I’m afraid you have done 3 things wrong.

In the summer, people in air-conditioned rooms have the feeling that the interior is like a hail and the greenhouse is like an oven.

It’s very easy to catch a cold every day after experiencing such an ice and fire.

Under normal circumstances, taking medicine after a cold can relieve symptoms.

However, in the face of a summer cold, if you do not pay attention to the details of medication, it may create new health risks.

In the summer, take a cold and take care of 3 things. Because of the hot weather, you need to pay extra attention to the following 3 points when taking a cold in the summer.

1, in the cold medicine containing “hemp” cold medicine anti-heatstroke medicine with “hemp”, contains pseudoephedrine, it can shrink blood vessels, relieve nasal congestion caused by nasal mucosa and other symptoms, sweat and heat dissipation, easy to cause heat stroke.

It is recommended to avoid going out in high temperature weather after taking this kind of medicine, and pay attention to doing the cooling work.

In addition, pseudoephedrine can also lead to blood pressure, blood sugar, increased intraocular pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma patients should be used with caution.

2, taking ibuprofen anti-dehydration ibuprofen can relieve pain and fever, is the main component of a variety of cold antipyretics

However, in the process of its function, it will promote sweating, and if it is not replenished in time, it may cause dehydration.

It is recommended that people who have already sweated a lot, vomiting, diarrhea, and people who usually sweat, should not use ibuprofen to avoid dehydration and blood pressure. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) can be used at this time.

If you take a cold antipyretic containing ibuprofen, you should pay attention to drink plenty of water, if necessary, drink a sports drink to supplement the electrolyte.

Once you have a severe dizziness after taking a cold medicine, the pulse is fast but weak and other heavier dehydration symptoms should be discontinued and treated immediately.

3, ice water to send medicine is easy to hurt the stomach cold medicine paracetamol has a certain stimulation of the metabolic tract, quick-acting cold medicine also often contains caffeine and other ingredients, while containing these two cold medicines, stimulate the cations on the fever.

When the weather is hot, many people like to drink ice water, and even use ice water to take drugs, which will increase the stimulation of mucous membranes in the body.

It is recommended to take cold medicine, preferably with normal temperature boiled water.

Kindly remind not to take more than two kinds of compound cold medicine at the same time.

Compound cold medicines often contain similar ingredients, while eating a variety of cold medicines, it is easy to cause excessive, damage to the liver and kidney, and even serious adverse reactions.

When you buy medicine, you can choose according to the specific condition.

For example, fever, pain, optional paracetamol, ibuprofen; nasal congestion when using a pseudo-ephedrine containing cold medicine; a small amount of cough, optionally with dextromethorphan cold medicine.

Strict control of medication time.

The frequency and interval of taking the medicine should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions. Once the medication is obviously abnormal, or take the medicine 3?
After 5 days, the symptoms still do not improve or even worse, and should be treated promptly.

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