Look at your desire for power from eating hot pot

Look at your desire for power from eating hot pot

After work, you go to a buffet of hot pot with a group of colleagues. What kind of meat do you want to eat the most?

  1: Beef 2: Chicken 3: Lamb 4: Pork 5: Duck Choice 1: Ambitious Index 95% You can be said to be the number one ambition, ambitious in your career and seem to be a good person on the surface, but fromSince that day, the company has been deliberately trying to climb up, strive for personal performance, and improve the attention of senior executives.

  Choice 2: Ambition Index 30% The ambition index of such people is not high, but the IQ is high, and the EQ is slightly owed; for fear of being forgotten by the power center, it is easy to become a gossip queen or prince, used by ambitionists, and become an office struggleMicrophone of words.

  Choice 3: Ambition Index 50% Your talents and popularity are good. You are quite popular in the office, eager for success, but also ambitious.
  Choice 4: 70% ambition index Do you think you can lead and lead people well, and you are eager to get a reputation for being famous. You will spend a lot of time to overcome it. After you get it, you will have a high profile.Conquer.
  Choice 5: 65% ambition index You are keen to highlight your self-ability, but unfortunately it is more likely to be awkward, and your work is not focused enough. You always think too much about things, and you are afraid that your ambition will be exposed and cause other people to discuss.And afraid of the well-known representatives.

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