World Menopause Care Day, men also have menopause, these three acupoints to support you to help you


World Menopause Care Day, men also have menopause, these three acupoints to support you to help you

October 18th is the World Menopause Care Day. For many female readers who have reached menopause, the self-maintenance of self-maintenance has been enhanced, almost every day is a care day, but for many male compatriots, menopause is often scorned, expertsIt is pointed out that men also have menopause, and acupuncture health care of Chinese medicine helps to delay the early arrival of menopause.

Improper maintenance of forty men is also a tofu residue. People often say “women forty tofu slag, men forty-one flowers.”

However, after many men are over forty years old, the body is somewhat sub-healthy, because each physical examination problem is not big, so it is not a serious matter, but it is easy to be boring, worried, loves to get angry, sometimes easy to lose sleep, to the hospitalI realized that I had reached the menopause!

Male menopausal symptoms are mainly fatigue, work ability, memory loss, temper, sexual dysfunction, sweating, hot flashes, palpitations and so on.

Male menopause will be 40 years old, the duration of symptoms is longer than that of women. Chinese medicine believes that when the man reaches 40 years old, the kidney gradually begins to fail, so there is a “men, five or eight kidney qi failure”.

From the perspective of Western medicine, after men are 40 years old, hormone levels are gradually decreasing. About 10% of people begin to have symptoms of menopausal syndrome, and the proportion of women, male menopause will be longer, often up to 10 years or even 20 years.

Men must pay attention to clothing, food and shelter.

1, wearing, the best temperature for sperm production in the male body is lower than the body temperature for nearly 1 second, the lower body breathable men’s clothing is best to wear less, so as not to increase the temperature of the retinal pill, affecting sexual ability.

2, diet, men after the age of 40 should drink less, try not to smoke, avoid eating more irritating foods, control high protein foods to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

3, at home and office, the sofa should not be sedentary, so as not to cause the prostate to be compressed and congested for a long time because of the gravity of the body, it is easy to affect its function.

4, more time to take out physiological activities can make the cerebral cortex motor area excited, the thinking part is suppressed and rest, help the body’s various physiological functions and nervous system to adjust to the best state, to prevent or reduce the symptoms of menopause.

In response to men’s menopause, men and women have a prescription for men’s knees with gold under the knees. In the eyes of Chinese medicine experts, men’s knees are a healthy subtlety.

The secret is in the three acupoints under the knee – Zusanli, Xijuxue, Yanglingquan.

Zusanli Point Buyang Anti-tired Zusanli Point is no stranger to many people who like Chinese medicine. It is located in the “outer knee eye” straight down the four horizontal fingers, is an important point to prevent disease and strengthen the body.

But too many men often overlook its yang effect.

The meridian of traditional Chinese medicine, the foundation of acupuncture and moxibustion, “Lingshu” records: “Insufficient yang, more yin and qi . are all transferred to Zusanli.

“Also massage this point, help men to yang, prevent premature ejaculation.

The most commonly used Zusanli massage method is to press the thumb: use your finger to point your finger on the acupuncture point of Zusanli. Press the force vertically and press down on the 鎻?

The other four fingers clenched their fists to work together.

Produce acid, hemp, swelling, pain and other feelings, relax after a few seconds, and repeat the operation several times.

Under the sinus acupoints, stomach yang air conditioning and cold drinks are almost indispensable in summer, but this is the most likely to hurt the stomach yang, the direct result is the fatigue of the gods, cold limbs, even bloating, diarrhea.

In addition, often sitting in front of the computer, lack of exercise in the lower limbs, prolonged prone to lower extremity edema, mild numbness and other symptoms.

One of the functions of the lower stagnation is to provide the yang of the stomach, which also has the effect of treating lower extremity spasm.

The lower sacred hole is located on the anterolateral side of the calf of the human body, and is horizontally pointed from the front edge of the upper bone.

Regular massage helps protect the lower limbs and raise the stomach.

Yanglingquan points and strong tendons to treat hypochondriac pain “strength” is very important for men, only strong tendons can be more conducive to strong bones.

In addition, some men work under pressure, often with two flank pain caused by liver qi stagnation.

Men do not hinder the frequent massage of their own Yanglingquan point, which is on the outside of the calf, the depression in front of the tibia.

Yanglingquan is a key point for the treatment of tendons, with the role of Shujin and Zhuangjin.

In addition, Yanglingquan can also treat both flank pain.

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