What is the lookout

What is the lookout

Observation: It is to observe the patient’s shape, nutritional development status, as well as fat, thin, tall, short, straight and deformed.

Looking at the shape, we can know the strength of the patient’s physique and the ups and downs of righteousness.

  The normal body shape is that all parts of the body have a uniform appearance and are commensurate with development. The chest is broad, the muscles are strong, the features are straight, the movements are agile, and the movement is free.

This is a manifestation of strong physique and full of vigor.

  Morbid body shapes include: limb deformities, chicken breasts, turtle back (most common in spondylosis, rickets, spinal canal), short pygmy (multiple kidney deficiency, congenital deficiency); puffiness (obesity); weight loss (most common in wasting disease) and so on.

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