Why women always lose in love

Why women always lose in love

Once love encounters a problem, there is such a problem: a man is bad or a woman is stupid.

  A small and cheap man A 20-year-old girl called me and told me that she was in a “difficult period” with her boyfriend 9 years older than her. The specific manifestation was that she called countless pages and asked him to go out.Back . I asked her why?

The innocent girl insisted, “It’s because the difference is so great.

“I did not instruct her how to do it, because from her words, I found that the man did not love her, but” by the way “played with a little girl who attacked herself for a while, and now it was not fun, and fled.

After listening to my ruthless analysis, the girl on the phone was silent for a long time before hesitating: “But we all did what men and women should do in love. Why do you say he doesn’t love me?

“After a few days, the girl called again, confirming that my analysis was correct.

This kind of man is selfish and loves small and cheap.

Someone loves him, how can he refuse?

But he can’t play it for real, his goal is very clear: after playing a game, then find an excuse to slip away in the open, this is all his inner secret.

  ”Why didn’t I see it?

“The little girl was talking to herself on the phone. In fact, she never opened her eyes to see this person, but just fell in love with her ears.

  There is another kind of girl who uses “sex” to fall in love.

Then simply use the body to dedicate, thinking that “sex” can improve love.

Such girls were initially worried that they would not love others, but they were afraid of being abandoned after falling in love.

Because he cares too much about the other party, he suddenly develops a strong smile, so the man’s “love me, all should be given to me” psychology becomes a gentle spell, a tragic reason for the innocent girl to “reckless”, and the usual result,It is they who really “give it”, so that they feel great and beautiful.

  I don’t know why, the women in love especially like to play the role of sacrifice and devotion, like the virgin of the ritual. Until one day, the god who accepted the devotion and did not know what to do was awakened her dream.

Of course she would be sad, burn a manuscript, and be seriously ill, but most of the suffering is that she didn’t understand until she died. Why did she give it all, but the other party still lost her so heartlessly?

  No one can tell her why!

Some would say she was too stupid, and some would say he was too bad.

Perhaps these girls also caused the cause, and then held the injured heart and a lot of problems to meet a man.

  So the question started again. In addition to the questions of “giving” and “not giving”, there was another question: “Frank” is worse than “close-mouthed”?

When women face emotions, the more practical approach is to recognize that what they want is not necessarily what the other person wants.

  An informal survey by a women’s magazine revealed that more than half of young women still maintain the idea that “if I don’t follow him, he will leave me”, and such thoughts often lead to the last “what’s wrong” complaint.

Because of your generosity, it may just be his Mark Six.

  Girls who insist on virginity This is an open age, but there are still too many girls who “call” and have “plans.”

The slow and absolutely clear relationship model is first to recognize, then to move forward from the ground, then to determine, then fall in love, followed by the intervention of relatives and friends, and finally the marriage.

The “sex” between good girls and good boys always has some degree of restraint and commitment.

  A classmate won many amazing eyes when she first joined the company. After a hegemony, she promised to have a dinner appointment with a senior male colleague.

This experienced man carefully arranged everything, flowers, wine, candlelight and full-fledged French cuisine . My classmates were still fascinated and still claimed: “I am a virgin, and I will continue to do soOn the wedding night, I will not ruin my efforts for so long just to hang around with men.

“The black man is still very graceful and polite. He and she are still colleagues facing each other, but he has cancelled his attempt to” that “.

Because he thought she was sacred and inviolable, this girl, he was in awe.

Occasionally during the same-sex gatherings, he would tell her something to other “players” and win a lot of emotion.

The honesty and persistence of my female classmates made them look impressive.

In this society, many men still succumb to the value of female chastity.

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