6 ancient ways to maintain health, worthy of health


6 ancient ways to maintain health, worthy of health

6 kinds of ancient people often shake their hands and akimbo, close their eyes, hang their heads, and slowly twist to the right until the rehabilitation position is once, a total of 6 times.

Repeat 6 times in the opposite direction.

Often doing this set of exercises can make the mind flexible and prevent cervical diseases.

Often placed on the waist and legs apart, shoulder width, do twisting action.

When the body twists to the left, the right hand is in front, the left hand is behind, the right hand gently pats the lower abdomen, and the left hand gently taps the “life gate” acupuncture between the second lumbar vertebra and the third lumbar spine.Do 50.

Repeat in the opposite direction.

This action can strengthen the stomach, solid kidney, prevent indigestion, stomach pain, low back pain.

Chang Hao’s abdomen squats under 36 hands. After warming hands, the hands are stacked and crossed, clockwise around the navel.

Do 36 times.

Can help digestion, absorption, and eliminate bloating.

When the anus is often inhaled, the muscles of the anus are tightened.

Keep your breath for a few seconds until you can’t stand it, then exhale and relax.

Do 20-30 times each morning and evening.

Always rub your left foot with your right hand and your right foot with your left hand.

From the heel up to the toe, then back down to the heel for a total of 36 times; two hands thumb to rub the foot heart Yongquan point, a total of 100.

Frequent lameness can enhance the function of various organs, help relieve insomnia, lower blood pressure, and eliminate headaches.

Often twisted knees and feet side by side, the knees are close together, the body slightly squats, hands pressed knees, twisted to the left and right, each doing 20 times.

Can strengthen the knee joint.

The ancient people’s daily health regimen recommended diet to prolong life.

Therefore, diet should pay attention to “boss food” that is, “grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, five dishes for filling”, but also to consider the five flavors, otherwise, due to nutritional imbalance, physical bias, internal organsDysfunctional and pathogenic.

Attenuation and health care The ancients believe that if people are moody, they will lead to yin and yang in the body, and qi and blood disorders.

Excessive exertion can damage the temper, and the diet is wet, hot, and turbid.

Offenses are six offenses, and the evils are all over the disease.

This pathogenic factor is considered by the human body to be “poisonous”, so it is proposed to use “attenuation” to preserve the invigorating health.

Through diet conditioning, taking drugs and other measures to reduce the accumulation of poison in the body, can avoid life-threatening diseases, prevent premature aging, and prolong life for the elderly.

Meridian health and meridians are “network” systems throughout the body, which control the flow of blood and gas to ensure the normal function of each tissue system.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that the meridian has a life-and-death death, and it is a disease that regulates the reality.

Ancient healthologists believe that dredging meridians can be an important measure for taking birth, and the quickest method is to stimulate, massage, and acupuncture three important acupoints, Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli.

Gujing Yangsheng believes that blood is the essence of human nutrition and is the material basis of life. The internal organs of the internal organs can maintain their normal functions.

If there is no sexual desire, too much blood, it will cause the body to be weak, distorted and detracted from life.

Maintenance of yin can delay aging.

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