What to do if it turns yellow?

Caused by hypoxia


What to do if it turns yellow?
Caused by hypoxia

Yawning, often sleepy?

If you often feel “empty”, are you not focusing?

This is what the body tells you that we need to pass the skin care products through the oxygen that they carry into the skin through the blood circulation.

  Why the skin is yellow and dull and not angry The skin is yellow, dull and not angry. These are the consequences of hypoxia. When our skin is 30 years old, the oxygen content will be reduced by 25%.Sharply reduced by more than 50%.

You know, the proportion of oxygen in the air that enters the skin is only 1%. It is impossible to hope that the skin and the skin can supplement oxygen itself. In addition to eating more oxygen-enriched foods, we can also pass them through skin care productsOxygen enters the skin through the blood circulation.
  If your skin has obvious dullness, roughness, increased horniness, and other hypoxic symptoms or aging, then it is necessary to improve the oxygen supply to the skin surface.

  The manifestation of skin hypoxia: The effects of hypoxia are comprehensive, from spirit, skin to immunity will be defeated. When the following signs appear, it is to remind you that the oxygen content is insufficient!

  Poor blood circulation can cause insufficient oxygen in the skin. At first, the skin is dull and dull, and then pores, spots, and wrinkles will come together.

  Yawning, often sleepy, this is what the lungs are reminding you, the oxygen content is not up to standard!

  Oxygen consumption in the brain accounts for 23% of total oxygen consumption. If you often feel “empty” and not paying attention, this is also a prelude to getting old!

  Essential oil is a master of oxygen supplementation. Maybe you don’t know yet. If you want to provide oxygen for your skin, just massage with essential oil directly!

Chamomile, lavender, rose and other essential oils have a good oxygen supplement. As long as it is blended with the base oil, it can be massaged or directly applied to the skin and body.

The spray containing the essential oil is the skin’s portable oxygen supplement cabin. Add the essential oil directly to the spray, and then gently overcome it until it is completely absorbed.Can instantly improve.

  Essential oil massage quickly shrinks dullness. Essential oil massage can promote smooth lymphatic circulation and accelerate waste discharge. It is also a small amount of dullness to accelerate cell rejuvenation.

  Step 1: Apply the essential oil to the face, and insert the middle finger and index finger of both hands into Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose, Chicang points and temples on both sides of the mouth;Massage slowly from left to right to improve skin firmness; Step 3: Gently slide your hands over your cheeks, eye circles, and massage the entire face in circular motions to increase blood circulation in your face, then warm your palms and cover your faceStep4: Finally massage the earlobe and earlobe 20 times, and then pat the entire face, from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside, and let the face relax, waiting for the essential oil to be absorbed.

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