[How about organic coffee enema]_coffee enema_effect_effect

[How about organic coffee enema]_coffee enema_effect_effect

Coffee enema can be said to be a detoxification therapy, but coffee enema also has some hidden dangers, and bacterial infection may occur.

Many people want to know if organic coffee enema is okay, and this situation is not completely good.

The effects of organic coffee enema are both pros and cons, not absolute.


Organic coffee enema has been used as a way to keep in good health. From a medical perspective, there are advantages and disadvantages. The key depends on the population.

With frequent constipation, you can perform cleaning initialization, improve the role of the lower digestive tract, and clear the stool.

However, long-term use is not good for the intestinal mucosa, and neither is often advocated.


No organic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or pesticide residues are used in the organic coffee planting process.

Enema use must use real organic coffee.

If regular coffee pretending to be organic is used, pesticides, additives, etc. in it may increase more toxins, causing inestimable harm and danger to physical health.

Organic coffee enema is mainly to detoxify.


Organic coffee enema detoxification is the main detoxification method in European and American countries. Coffee enema can improve the detoxification function of the liver, and the liver is a human health barrier!

The restoration and enhancement of liver detoxification function directly improves the body’s disease self-healing ability and immunity.

According to the nearly 60 years of clinical treatment experience of the American Natural Therapy Association and the Coffee Enema Association, organic coffee enema is particularly suitable for the adjuvant treatment of patients with various immune diseases and metabolic diseases.

Organic coffee uses coffee beans grown in the shade.

Although the method of planting in the shade is not high in yield, the quality can reach the level of the best coffee.

This is because the shade of the tree can slow down the maturity of the coffee tree, give the coffee full growth, and convert into more natural ingredients and better taste.

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