Lotion PK spray summer cool sunscreen who you choose

Lotion PK spray summer cool sunscreen who you choose

Guide: In the hot sun, the sunscreen should also be thin enough, but the effect must not be discounted. It is best to resist water, sweat and loss.

  As a result, thin, transparent and oil-free formulas are becoming more and more popular. This is exactly the reason that many spray-type sunscreens came into being. It is exactly the BANANA BOAT that is popular in the United States, or the NIVEA sunscreen sprays available in supermarketsIt has become one of the hottest products in summer.

  Advantages of sunscreen lotion PK sunscreen spray Emulsion sunscreen: Generally, it is a combination of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, which has the effect of correcting the skin. Skincare ingredients are added, and the moisturizing and moisturizing properties are good.Anti-aging and other additional effects.

  Spray sunscreen: mainly chemical sunscreen, generally oil-free formula, suitable for acne and sensitive muscles, liquid spray will not have a sticky feeling, good water and sweat resistance, suitable for seaside or easyOut of the crowd.

  Disadvantages Emulsion-like sunscreen: thicker and thicker, easy to shine at both ends, anti-perspirant and anti-sebum effect are not as good as refreshing spray products, the whole body is very sticky.

  Spraying sunscreen: Chemical sunscreen is more difficult to remove than physical sunscreen. The requirements for makeup removal are high. Basically, it only has the effect of sunscreen. It has no additional functions. The skin is easy to dry after application.

  The refreshing feeling and chemical ingredients are called the degree of freshness of sunscreen products, so two major issues of physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen have to be considered.

In general, light and oil-free formulas belong to chemical sunscreen, but it seems that everyone is always full of fear of the word “chemical”, thinking that it causes skin damage.

This view can be explained in two parts: First, several chemical sunscreen ingredients developed in the past, such as PAPA, OXYBENZONE, etc., are indeed prone to cause possible allergies or carcinogenic alternatives.

However, the development of transformation technology has been eliminated in the early days. According to the research results in the United States, after the sun penetrates into the skin, it will cause the epidermal tissue to produce more active oxygen. The generation of these extra free radicals makes a large number of sunscreen products.People who resist light aging are more alarmed, but although almost all chemical sunscreens are harmful to the skin, as long as they are not allowed to penetrate into the skin, there is no problem.

Such as adding anti-penetrating film to the formula or using macromolecules that cannot penetrate the skin to obtain safety advantages.

  Sunscreens for water resistance testing in summer, especially spray products with high multiples, are mostly loved by the beach family, but how long can the so-called anti-water and anti-sweat formula last?

In general, sunscreens labeled “WaterResistance” refer to immersion in water for 40 minutes of moderate activity; “VeryWaterResistance” extends the sun protection time to 80 minutes under the above conditions, soWhen playing in the beach, don’t think that water-resistant sunscreen is a sturdy fortress. Continuously applying and applying the thickness is the key to determining sunscreen.

  For daily use products, as long as you choose a sunscreen product with anti-drain and long-lasting function, you can throw away the annoying problem of always rubbing.

How to determine the anti-drain performance of a product?

Just a simple method-first, apply the sunscreen to a mirror that stands upright, wait 30 minutes, then spray water on it with a water gun, and observe whether the surface of the mirror forms water droplets or a water film.

If it is water droplets, it means that it has good water resistance (sweat resistance).

After waiting 4 hours, spray it with water mixed with cleansing foam on it and observe whether it is turbid and emulsified. If the emulsification is less, the anti-sebum effect is better.

  Cool sun protection products recommended 1, Sisley Sisley plant body sunscreen conditioning lotion SPF20200ml / 980 yuan 2, Lancome Lancome soft and soothing sunscreen SPF50PA +++ 30ml / 495 yuan 3, La Roche-Posay La Roche-Posay SPF30 + PPD26 (PA +++) 9g.

/ 228 yuan 4, Avene Avene refreshing sun spray SPF30 + 248 yuan 5, AQUA yaheya sunscreen moisturizing spray SPF13 PA ++ 150ml / 150 yuan 6, Vichy Vichy refreshing sun spray SPF 30 PA ++ 125ml / 258 yuan

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