[Pros and cons of extracorporeal ejaculation?


[Pros and cons of extracorporeal ejaculation?

Sexual life is an important part of husband and wife life. Proper sex life can not only increase the relationship between husband and wife, but also be good for the body, but the most troublesome part of sex life is contraception. The wrong method of contraception can lead to unwanted pregnancyOr some contraceptive methods will affect the physical health of men. Some, external ejaculation, external ejaculation are extremely unsafe methods of contraception. We must properly treat external ejaculation.

External ejaculation seems to be a safe method. It is also close to sexual intercourse during sexual intercourse, that is, the period when men want to ejaculate, and men suddenly interrupt, and the semen is excreted outside the woman’s vagina.

The entire process of male sexual life is completed under the control of the cerebral cortex, through the regulation of the neuro-endocrine system, through a series of nervous and orderly chain reactions of the reproductive system and multiple system organs throughout the body.

Many people do not know that such a long-term external ejaculation can easily cause male dysfunction, cause sexual dysfunction, and seriously affect the problem of male infertility, because sexual intercourse is suddenly interrupted near the orgasm and the chain reaction is caused.Abrupt abrupt termination can cause dysfunction of the cerebral cortex and lumbosacral ejaculation center.

In addition, some men can spend more time for sex and can’t bear ejaculation, which will cause some male diseases to occur, which will be detrimental to their own health and may lead to impaired coordination of lower urinary tract and pelvic floor function.

If bladder neck dysfunction or posterior urethral obstruction occurs, it may lead to retrograde ejaculation, may also cause pelvic and prostatic hyperemia, prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and so on.

One of the dangers of external ejaculation is that it can easily lead to consensus failure.

Before ejaculation, a small amount of semen overlaps with the constriction of the vas deferens and perfusions the vagina, which may cause conception.

The second is easy to cause sexual neurasthenia.

High degree of excitement during sexual intercourse, while the reproductive organs present with penile vascular congestion and muscle contraction and erection.

Sudden interruption of sexual intercourse is bound to have an adverse effect on sexual psychology, prone to sexual neurasthenia, causing premature ejaculation and impotence.

Third, it is easy to cause functional non-ejaculation.

Forcibly interrupted sexual intercourse, ejaculation in vitro, dysfunction of the central nervous system and lumbosacral ejaculation center.

Is susceptible to functional non-ejaculation.

Fourth, it is easy to make women cold.

At the climax of sexual intercourse, the woman again achieved sexual satisfaction at this time, the man forcibly interrupted sexual intercourse, and in vitro ejaculation, causing the woman’s sexual excitement to plummet, and she was psychologically irritated.

Going on like this will lead to sexual apathy and easily cause disharmony between husband and wife.

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