What is the health value of Banlangen, which is common in rural areas, in addition to treating wind and cold?


What is the health value of Banlangen, which is common in rural areas, in addition to treating wind and cold?

Banlangen is the root of the indigo of the cruciferous plant. Its plants are large and can grow to 80 to 90 cm in warm and humid places where the soil is more fertile.

In rural areas, it is often seen that in some places, because of the scarcity of people and the fertile soil, these Banlangen can grow taller.

Banlangen is a cruciferous plant. It blooms like a rape flower in May. The results begin in June. When the fall of nine months is over, we can dig the rhizome of Radix isatidis along the herbs of Banlangen.

It is well known that Radix is able to clear away heat and anti-virus, and it can better treat cold diseases. However, Radix is not only a good effect, but the use of Banlangen as a traditional Chinese medicine actually has amazing magical effects.


Bitter cold into the heart, clearing heat and detoxification, throat, blue roots taste bitter and cold, can enter the heart and stomach.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “all kinds of itch and itching are all in the heart”. It is easy to produce ulcerative diseases when the heart is rushing into the heart. Therefore, patients with fever who have a warm-hearted or warm-hearted disease often have headache sore throat or ulcerative pain in other parts of the body.

And a team that is divided by the hand and the yin heart, “divide from the heart, licking the esophagus, and connecting to the eye system”, so the blue roots can be used to treat headaches, eye pain, sore throat caused by warm evil.Wait for the on-focus fever.


Into the heart, cooling blood and detoxification, treatment of temperature spots “warm latitude and longitude”, that is the most harmful to the human body fluid, the blood is often found in the body skin spots, rash, and most of the tongue is observedPurple tongue, so the warm disease school to join the treatment of warm evil into the blood of the disease, should first cool the blood to stop bleeding, and then detoxification.

Banlangen bitter cold, can enter the heart and blood, cooling blood to stop bleeding, and bitter cold can clear away heat and detoxification, “Chinese medicine” also pointed out that Banlangen has “clearing fire and detoxification, cooling blood to stop bleeding, cure fever and hair spots” disease, so Banlangen for WenxieThe resulting plaque congestion has a better effect.

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