Ten minutes of yoga before bedtime

Ten minutes of yoga before bedtime

Yoga exercise is not strong, pay attention to the breath, the movements are mainly contraction.

Yoga before bed can relax your muscles and help you sleep.

Here are some recommended yoga exercises before bedtime.

  The supine position is in a supine angle with the knees bent and the toes facing each other.

Put your palms up on the sides of your body, close your eyes and practice breathing naturally for about 1 minute.

  Spike-style sitting position, cups on both sides of the body with hands, waist and back straight up.

Bend the right leg so that the heel is trying to resist the perineum, and open the left leg to the side. Adjust the posture with both hands.

With his left hand bent and his elbows resting against the knee joint, there was a force of opposition that fired the dark colors so that the sides were facing forward.

Keep your right arm up and stick it to your right ear. Let your arm stretch your waist and your toes hook inside. When you inhale, your body bends sideways again.

Keep breathing evenly?
30 times, then move in the opposite direction.

  Cobra lay on the ground, legs close together, hands bent on elbows parallel to the ground, fingertips forward.

Place your forehead on the ground and clamp your body with your elbows.

Inhale, slowly lift your head, chest, and chest off the ground, slowly supporting your upper body.

Keep your lower body still.

When exhaling, push your palms to the ground, straighten your arms, raise your head, look at the sky, open above, and maintain a posture of 10?
20 seconds.

Then slowly return to the starting action and repeat action 2?
3 times.

  Baby-style kneeling position, aligned with the ground, aligned with the big toes, sitting on the heels, separated and the same width as the front.

Exhale and lean the main shaft forward against your thigh.

The forehead rests on the ground.

Arms hang on both sides of the body, palms up and hands back to the ground.

Let the top relax and sink naturally.

This pose is simpler and more comfortable. Can you stick to 1?
3 minutes.

  Are you these five kinds of people?

If so, prove that you need to practice yoga!

  Yoga is a complete set of practice methods from the physical to the spiritual. Through the practice of yoga, women can maintain their perfect body shape, regulate their mood, be wise and intelligent, and increase their confidence.

It is also a healthy form of exercise and practice. So, are you suitable for practicing yoga?

If you meet the following five conditions, then it proves that you should join the ranks of yoga practitioners too!

  The first: people who are eager to lose weight have been universally certified for yoga, otherwise it will not spread to countries around the world at such a rapid rate.

Yoga weight loss uses a healthy, self-disciplined living state instead of the habits that would cause the body to gain weight, so you may not need to go through a painful dieting process, do not need to take drugs that harm the body, or even deliberately care about weight loss., Just lost weight in a state of pleasure and peace of mind.

  The second type: stressful people are stressed, worried, and it is impossible to avoid these two problems in a fast-paced modern life.

However, emotional excitement can be channeled. Traditional Chinese medicine has the words “grief and anger, anger wins thought, thought wins fear”, that is to say, emotional aggression is mutually reinforcing, and this relationship can be used to guide each other.

For example, when you are angry, you want a sad thing to calm down the anger and minimize the impact of bad emotions on the body.

Stress and worry can also be channeled. Through yoga asanas, meditation, breathing, and the way of life that we admire, we can help us treat life calmly and optimistically.

  The first: people who are damaged by chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other diseases that affect life safety, as small as sinusitis, chronic gastritis, anemia, waist and shoulder pain, etc.Practice yoga to relieve and heal.
Therefore, among many people, when yoga is to lose weight, in many young women scramble to practice, yoga masters even more respect the middle-aged and elderly women (infertile women) who have entered menopause or late life to practice yoga.

The first: the person who desires good bad habits is the most expected person for this one is Madonna.

After she gave birth to a child, she only wanted to restore her body to practice yoga, but after practicing, she discovered that yoga has changed the great power of the mind to reshape itself. So this person who was addicted to alcohol and lived upside down day and night becameFollower of yoga healthy lifestyle.

  Fifth type: pay attention to health care. Yoga joins the body to protect its body with its own strength. It can regulate the autonomic nerve, promote hormone secretion, ensure the operation of glands, and purify the blood. Many of these effects are pursued by health caregiversGoals.
  Special tips Generally speaking, as long as the flexibility of the body is good, no pain in the cervical and lumbar spine, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are suitable for practicing yoga.

But it should be noted that people in different situations should choose yoga exercises suitable for themselves, and the intensity of exercise varies from person to person?
Benefits of Yoga A woman insists on long-term practice of yoga asanas, which can make her more fit and clear. She can make women’s waist soft and strong; can prevent female hip muscles from sagging; reduce excess pregnant women and effectively lose weight; can increase womenElastic hamstrings make women’s legs more restful.

  Women do yoga exercises for a long time, and can effectively relieve the fatigue state of the human muscles and bones through the massage of their hands. Through yoga breathing and various postures, they can promote human blood circulation and make human joints more flexible.

  Women can make the body meridians and qi and blood flow unobstructed and strengthen their functions by practicing yoga’s complete breathing method and body twisting, squeezing, pulling, stretching and other postures.

Yoga exercises can also regulate people’s emotions, make people more peaceful and youthful.

  People who practice yoga regularly can get their daily diet back to normal and lose weight effectively.

Through the practice of yoga, you will strengthen your will and have more control over the temptation of food to achieve the purpose of effective weight loss.

  Yoga helps to adjust your mind by combing the air flow in people, calms people’s moods, drives away irritability, and can improve personal observation and judgment over time, and can make women more wise and intelligent, and more confident.

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