It is not appropriate to scrape

It is not appropriate to scrape

Scraping is a method of treating a disease by repeatedly scraping with a scraping plate dipped in scraping oil and rubbing the skin somewhere on the patient.

Scraping principle: It is based on the twelve meridians of the traditional Chinese medicine and the eight veins of the odd meridians, following the principle of “emerging the rule of urgency,” and using techniques to strongly stimulate the meridians and make the local skin red and congested, so as to refresh the soul, detoxify and eliminate evil.Clearing heat and resolving the table, the effect of qi and analgesic, spleen and stomach.

  Today, many bathing centers, beauty salons, and leisure health centers have health scraping services.

  Professor Yang Jinsheng of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that ancient scraping was mostly used to treat complications in summer and autumn, and now the scraping function is mostly used for disease prevention and health care.

The main applications of health scraping include headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, back and back pain, leg pain, cold, toothache, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, dysmenorrhea, fatigue, insomnia, beauty and so on.

  Professor Yang pointed out that there are nine types of contraindications for scraping: First, those with severe cardio-cerebral vascular disease, liver and kidney dysfunction, and systemic edema.

  Second, the abdomen and lumbosacral region of pregnant women are forbidden to scrape.

  3. Scraping is not allowed where the body surface has bloated, ulcerated, sore, spotted rash, and mass of unknown cause.

  Fourth, acute sprains, trauma pain or fractures.

  Fifth, contact skin disease infectors.

  6. Patients with bleeding tendency such as advanced diabetes, severe anemia, leukemia, aplastic anemia and thrombocytopenia.

  7. Excessive hunger and fullness, excessive fatigue, drunks do not bear gravity and scrape in large areas.

  Eight, eyes, lips, tongue, ears, nostrils, nipples, belly button and other parts.

  Nine, patients with mental illness.

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