Are you eating right when you love hot pot in winter?


Are you eating right when you love hot pot in winter?

In winter, only the autumn pants and the hot pot can not live up to?
Winter without hot pot is a broken winter?
Hot pot is the true love of most people in the winter, how to live up to this love?

When you eat hot pot, pay attention to it, there will always be something wrong?
How to eat hot pot correctly? How many times a hot pot is suitable for a week?

You can eat it once in a week or two. It is easy to get angry when you eat too much. At the same time, you should pay attention to eating more green vegetables.

Hot pot ingredients such as fish dumplings, shrimp dumplings, all kinds of meatballs, patients with a lot of fat, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat should pay attention; hot pot soup contains a lot of Purin, gout patients do not drink; hot pot soup contains sodium ionsThere are also many potassium ions. People with kidney disease and high blood pressure should be careful.

2 To master the heat when eating hot pot, if the food is cooked in the hot pot for a long time, it will lose its umami taste and destroy the nutrients; if the cooking time is not enough, it will easily cause digestive diseases.

3 Do not eat too long, some people eat for a few hours, even overnight.

Such gastric juice, bile, plasma and other digestive juices are continuously secreted, and the glands do not have a normal rest, resulting in dysfunction in the body and abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe chronic asthma, peritonitis and the like.

4 Do not eat too hot and too hot food is easy to burn the oral cavity and esophageal mucosa, if you encounter alcohol or alcohol or unclean food is more likely to cause disease.

When eating hot pot, you should first pour the cooked food out and then eat it.

If it can be matched with fresh milk, it can prevent burns.

5 Do not be too spicy, too spicy, too numb food, not only will stimulate the mouth, esophagus and gastric mucosa and congestion and edema, but also easily cause some heavier diseases.

Anyone who has stomatitis, chronic pharyngitis, ulcer disease, chronic diabetes, recurrence of cholecystitis and surgery in the upper abdomen should not eat hot pot.

6 When you eat hot pot, put more vegetables and hot pot ingredients. There are a lot of meat, fish and animal internal organs and other foods, especially the warmth of the lamb. It is easy to get angry when eating too much.

Chinese medicine pays attention to the “hot and cold” diet, so it is best to mix some cool and flat vegetables with mutton.

Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, which are mostly cold and cold, can no longer eliminate greasy, supplement the lack of vitamins in autumn and winter, as well as the role of cooling, detoxification, and fire, but the vegetables should not be cooked for a long time before they have a fire-fighting effect.
Cool vegetables generally include melon, loofah, rapeseed, spinach, cabbage, enoki mushroom, mushroom, lotus root, white, bamboo shoots, cabbage, etc.; and sweet potatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. are flat vegetables.

Stems and leaves of vegetables such as rapeseed, cabbage, spinach, etc., generally rich in vitamin C and carotene, it is best to simmer for a short time, otherwise it will destroy the nutrients.

Root vegetables such as radishes, carrots, taro, and potatoes are rich in crude fiber and have less nutrient loss.

7 Don’t be cold and hot Many people like to drink cold beer while eating hot pot. It is so cold and hot that it is easy to cause indigestion in the stomach, causing diarrhea and constipation.

Especially people who have chronic stomach problems themselves are more likely to induce acute attacks of chronic diseases.

Eat hot pot to pay attention to correct and correct method, there are many people who like spicy hot pot bottom and ingredients, but I do not know that excessive eating will continue to increase the stimulation of the throat and stomach, easily lead to sore throat, stomach ulcers, gastritis, diarrhea, etc.Digestive tract disease.

At the same time, the winter in the north is relatively dry, and the body with too much spicy food consumes a lot of water, which is not conducive to health, and it is easy to cause itching in winter.

8 long-cooked soup base easy to lead gout prompts everyone, hot pot soup in the high content of bismuth, not suitable for patients with hyperuricemia and gout.

Prolonged long-cooked hot pot soup nitrite content will increase.

If you drink hot pot soup, you should remove the oil from the small amount within 20 minutes after boiling.

And patients with high blood fat, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease should eat less hot pot.

After eating the hot pot, what to eat on the yoghurt to drink yogurt.

Because hot pot is not spicy, many people like to eat spicy, which stimulates the stomach, and it will cause stomach upset and even stomach problems after a long time.

Therefore, after eating the hot pot, drink yogurt, which can effectively protect the gastrointestinal mucosa and care for the stomach.

After drinking hot pot, drinking a cup of warm water can promote the secretion of digestive juice, strengthen the digestion and absorption function of fermentation, and also suppress the salt absorbed by the body.

Gradually developing the habit of using warm water in daily life has an incredible effect on the health of the human body.

For example, we use “warm mouthwash, gentle gastric lavage, warm brushing, warm throat, warm and soft stagnation, warm hangover” for warm water. It is a simple and convenient method.

Warm water has some special physiological activities that cannot be replaced by many high-grade beverages.

Drink green tea for half an hour after green tea.

Green tea is a toxic natural nutrient ingredient, which has special effects such as sterilization and anti-inflammatory. It can eliminate phlegm, reduce weight and reduce fire and eyesight. It is very suitable for replacing after eating hot pot.
After eating the hot pot for 20-30 minutes, eat some cool fruits such as pears, clams, apples, oranges, etc., to prevent “get angry”, but do not eat hot oranges.

Hot pot is delicious but you have to eat healthy to be happy?
Of course, don’t forget, there are old Chinese medicine practitioners who have been with you. When you get angry, let the old Chinese doctors[寤垮洓鍛砞help you to extinguish the fire!

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