The fashion health that you know is trapped, and some health rumors are not credible.


The fashion health that you know is trapped, and some health rumors are not credible.

Fashion health, healthy living, some health tips circulated from the Internet, white-collar workers who value the quality of life often receive all the photos, but sometimes they are getting farther away from healthy life without knowing it.

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Washing the intestines, fasting, detoxification and beauty (trap 1) Fashion reasons: Many stars insist on intestines and beauty, the purpose is to make your body have no stools, no accumulation of toxins, avoid the embarrassment of social occasions, the skin will become transparentGloss, better than simple external cosmetics.

Detoxification and beauty subversion reasons: Chinese medicine also talks about detoxification, in addition to normal defecation, urinating and sweating three detoxification pathways, ancient people even have the theory of blood and detoxification in spring and autumn, but the intestines tend to make the intestines thicker, repeated stimulation will makeIntestinal palsy, eventually leading to some human factors.

The fasting and detoxification method also varies from person to person.

Some people have spleen and stomach, and eat cold fruits such as fruits.

If you are an overloaded worker, you will not be able to eat when you eat, and your body will experience fatigue, dizziness, and low blood sugar, which will affect your health.

Natural, is good (trap 2) Fashion reasons: modern society, too much pollution, natural food and beauty products are not polluted, so it is good for human health.

The most typical is aloe vera, which is both a healthy food and a beauty product.

Pure natural, pollution-free subversion reasons: Aloe vera does have a lot of magical and wonderful effects on the human body. However, there are more than 500 varieties of aloe vera, and only a few species can be used for medicine. Only a few varieties can be eaten.

Experts have warned that the aloe-emodin contained in aloe vera has the effect of “disposing laxative”, which is easy to cause diarrhea.

Different varieties of aloe vera have great differences in medicinal properties and medicinal effects. People with different physiques will have different effects when using aloe vera.

Body sculpting underwear, you can have a good body without effort (Trap 3) Fashion reasons: I hope I have a good body but I don’t have time to go to the gym. I am afraid that it is difficult to refuse the food in front of me.

The shopping guide of body shaping underwear is called?

The body’s aunt can move. Then look at Japan, the original popular body shaping underwear. The first group of fans are now 60-year-old, and the figure is still dressed when they were dressed more than 30 years ago.

Who do you say can resist this temptation?

The reason for the shaping of the corset is that the tight bandage of the body shaping underwear is 鈥渢ied鈥?on the body, which affects the normal blood circulation and sweat excretion, and causes the vulva to spread and bacteria to multiply.

In particular, girls wear tights for a long time, which will affect development many times, and then cause diseases such as breast hyperplasia or cysts.

Therefore, health care experts remind: women’s abdomen has many important organs, such as the uterus, uterus, etc., the muscles wearing the corset are tight, and the physiological functions are affected.

The waist may also affect blood circulation in the lower extremities.

If you have “body shaping” for 8 hours a day, it will cause damage to your body in the state of hypoxia.

Brush your teeth immediately after a meal (Trap 4) Fashion reasons: Having a white and neat tooth is the foundation of your health and makes you feel confident in social situations.

After eating a working meal, when someone is busy with a tractor or a shopping mall, you can take your toothbrush with ease.

Stylish enough, enough for another!

Reasons for brushing teeth after a meal: The latest research by stomatologists believes that brushing your teeth immediately after a meal is harmful to your teeth.

There is a layer of enamel on the surface of the crown. I have just eaten rice, especially eating acidic foods, which are rich in enamel and become soft.

Brushing your teeth at this time is likely to cause damage to the enamel.

Over time, the enamel of the teeth is gradually reduced, which makes it easy for people to suffer from allergies of the teeth. When eating, the teeth will have symptoms of acid and pain.

Therefore, dental experts warn that it is best to rinse your mouth with water after eating, and then brush your teeth after 1-2 hours.

Going to the gym to sweat and improve the quality of life (Trap 5) Fashion reasons: To be a member of a health club is a requirement for a healthy life, and go with friends to sweat, fitness, and social.

The key is the atmosphere in the gym, the role of the pioneers, and I will always look for it at home.

Reasons for fitness subversion: White-collar workers intentionally or unintentionally like to go to those places where the decoration is more luxurious. They just went out of the high-end office building and went to the high-end gym, but they ignored the harmful gases brought by these places.

Activities in such places, rehabilitation of harmful substances, some dust in the gym can easily cause allergic diseases.

Experts suggest that it is best to choose the ground for exercise, and of course choose the weather.

Chinese medicine believes that foggy days and windy days are not suitable for living activities.

The more fish eat, the better (trap 6). Fashion reasons: The minority of fish contains unsaturated fatty acids, which have anti-atherosclerosis effect, so it is effective for cardiovascular cerebrovascular diseases and memory, protecting vision and eliminating complications.There are advantages.

More reasons to eat fish subversion: But the fish is not much better, the fish’s fatty acids contain 20-captapentaenoic acid, which can effectively inhibit the coagulation of the flakes, long-term excessive consumption of fish, and accumulation of cohesiveness and cause various spontaneous bleedingSuch as subcutaneous purpura, cerebral hemorrhage and so on.

The Eskimos are mainly fish-eating. Some people find that even few of them suffer from coronary heart disease or cerebral thrombosis, but cerebral hemorrhage has become an important cause of death.More sun exposure is good (trap 7) Fashion reasons: Ultraviolet rays in the sun can convert 7-dehydrocholesterol in the subcutaneous sputum into vitamin D, promote the body’s absorption of calcium, prevent rickets and osteoporosis.

Because of this physiological need, it is enough to expose the face and hands in the sun for 10 minutes every day in the summer. In the winter, walking on the board for half an hour can also make up the vitamin D requirement in the body.

Reasons for sun-bathing: excessive sun exposure exceeds premature aging and dry wrinkles in the skin, which in turn causes cataracts and skin cancer that impair health.

The better the body is beyond (Trap 8) Fashion reasons: The height of a person is now higher than that of a generation, which is mainly due to the improvement of nutritional conditions and living environment.

If this situation continues, it will one day become a “social public hazard.”

Reasons for tall and subversive: too tall and tall, consume more energy, will increase the burden on the heart, reduce disease resistance, function adjustment is worse, and life expectancy will be shortened.

Many survey data confirm that tall people do not have short life spans.

The end of the rumors of health rumors: kissing can be infected with germs and kisses, because this is a kind of saliva exchange intimate contact.

For example, saliva, lips, and bacteria in the mouth are the key to the disease.

For example, the cold sore is a masterpiece of the herpes simplex virus type 1 on the lips – a white otter that can be spread by kissing.

Kissing the truth: Hepatitis B and AIDS, can you spread by kissing?

This is a question worthy of detail.

In general, AIDS is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, blood and mother and baby.

Although there is HIV in the saliva, there are no reports of cases of kissing and spreading AIDS.

The reason may be that the HIV content in saliva is low enough to cause infection.

Hepatitis B is spread in a wide range of ways, including mother and child, blood transfusion, close contact and sexual transmission. It is also possible to spread hepatitis B by deep kiss or bite.

Gossip 2: Coke “killing fine” The “Funny Nobel Prize” in 2008 is particularly interesting. One important reason is that the “Chemistry Award” was awarded to everyone who is very concerned about the research: Coke can really kill.

In fact, “Coke Killing” is one of the most influential “urban legends”.

I believe that everyone has heard this statement more or less.

The truth about cola killing: In 2003, at the American Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting, Fabio from Brazil, based on a study of 750 male compatriots, pointed out that men who drink coffee have better sperm motility, and the key role iscaffeine.

In the face of rumors, it is indispensable to have a scientific spirit.

According to rumors, “Drinking Coke will kill sperm, young men need to be cautious”, you can completely ignore it.

Gossip 3: Must sleep for 7 hours Most people need to sleep about 7-8 hours a day. Not long ago, the Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare research on sleep disorders and insomnia showed that 7-8 hours of sleep per nightPeople scored the highest in cognitive tests, while those who slept more than 9 hours or only 6 hours per night had a lower score.

The truth about sleep: It seems that sleeping too much and sleeping too little is not a good thing.

The quality of female sleep is sometimes affected by menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and changes in hormone secretion. At these different physiological stages, the incidence of sleep disorders is higher.

In addition, women are almost twice as difficult to enter and maintain deep sleep as men, which means that women spend an average of 15 minutes more sleep per day than men to meet the mental and physical energy needs of the next day.

Gossip 4: Sustained Opportunities Lead to Cancer For a long time, the public believes that cell phone cancer-causing statements are more often based on the precautionary principle (precautionary principle).

In fact, as long as some people suspect that the use of mobile phones may pose a health risk or harm to people, it is necessary to prove whether the use of mobile phones is harmful to health by data or evidence.

The idea that cell phone carcinogenesis is very simple, but it has suffered from researchers in the scientific community all over the world.

First, a study that only yields negative results is quite labor intensive and material resources. Second, conducting such research itself increases public panic and worry, and instead helps spread the idea that cell phones are carcinogenic.

The truth about using a mobile phone: Even if there is no scientific research to prove that using a mobile phone can cause cancer, some people instinctively believe that such mobile phone radiation is not good.

So how do you effectively reduce this radiation?

The US Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission have made a suggestion, which is simply four words – a long story short.

If you have a regular phone at hand, don’t use your phone; if you use a mobile phone, use a hands-free device or keep a distance between your ear and the phone.

Cactus housekeeping helps you to correct your views and teach you the correct way to maintain health: health 1.

Keep your health first.

Health care should be maintained.

Health care should be properly eaten to ensure the body’s needs 4 .

Health care should maintain the health of the body.

Health should pay attention to health spleen and stomach and kidney Note: This article author cactus housekeeping, please indicate.Related article: The sense of ritual of life has always been given by myself!

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