I have a nap and how to learn how to fight.


I have a nap and how to learn how to fight.

Lead: Whether it is a nine-to-five office worker or a student class of 8 or 9 lessons per day, after a morning of physical strength, mental energy consumption, physical and mental fatigue.

At noon, everyone cherished the lunch break, and took a nap in the afternoon to recharge the afternoon work.

Sometimes bad nap habits will not only make you rest, but may even make you more tired.

If you are too busy to take a nap, what should you do?

Why, after lunch, at noon, the human body is to ensure the digestion and absorption of food. Most of the blood flow to the digestive system, the blood in the brain is relatively reduced, and after a morning of work or study, the brain cells are also in a state of fatigue.So there is a sense of drowsiness.

This kind of sleepiness in the afternoon is the expression of the normal rhythm of sleep and waking. Adjusting by nap can compensate for the lack of sleep at night, and can relax and rest the human brain and body systems.

In addition, a nap can also protect the brain and relieve tension.

At the same time, all parts of the body also get a comprehensive rest.

For people who are in good health and have enough sleep at night, not taking a nap usually does not affect their health.

However, for military mental work, large and middle school students, frail or elderly people, naps are very necessary.

In addition, the habit of taking a nap should be persevered, because irregular nap habits will also disturb the physiological clock and affect the law of late feeling.

The best time for a nap is 8 hours after waking up in the morning and 8 hours before going to bed at night, which is the middle of the day.

Even if you don’t feel sleepy at that time, you can take a break instead of refreshing your coffee.

I missed the nap misunderstanding as long as I slept at noon, the spirit will be good.

The effect of nap is not based on human feelings, but also on how to sleep and how long to sleep.

In addition to paying attention to sleep time, nap should also pay attention to hygiene.

Do not eat too greasy things before going to bed, and don’t eat too much, because greasy will increase blood viscosity, increase coronary artery lesions, and increase the stomach digestion burden.

The longer the nap, the better.

Healthy nap to 15?
30 minutes is the most appropriate, the longest is no more than 1 hour, the time is too short to reach the rest requirement; if the time is too long, wake up will have a slight headache, the whole body is weak, and it is not easy to wake up at this time, it is better to extend to1?

5 hours, a complete sleep cycle.

Take a nap in the chaos.

Napping can’t just sit down in the hallway, under the shade of the trees, on the grass, on the concrete floor, and lie down on the floor, and don’t take a nap at the wind or the wind.

Because people in the body temperature regulation during sleep, the central function is reduced, and the severe person suffers from cold and cold, and the light person wakes up and feels unwell.

Sitting or snoring.

A small number of people sit or lie on the edge of the table for a nap due to conditions, and form a habit of sitting or taking a lunch break for a long time, which is extremely unhealthy for health.

Everyone needs a nap.

Nap is not everyone’s need, as long as the body is good, sleep well at night, do not nap generally does not affect your health.

However, for mental workers, large and middle school students, frail or elderly people, nap is very necessary.

Even if you are sleeping at sleep, it is better than not sleeping.

Nap at the desk will hurt the eyes, and temporary visual blur will appear after sleeping. It is because the nap is oppressed at the desk, causing corneal deformation and curvature changes. The nap will force the upper and lower limbs at the desk, which will affect the breathing and increase the burden on the heart.Affects blood circulation and neurotoxicity, the arm will be numb and stinging.

In addition, sitting for a long time, will lead to hypoxia in the head, the emergence of physiological temporary “brain anemia”, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus, soft legs, fatigue and other symptoms.

Eat these, do not have to take a nap, but also want to avoid sleepy in the afternoon, it is best to eat more vegetarian food.

Lunch consisting of protein and vegetables, such as fresh fish, chicken, seafood, and tofu, is rich in tyrosine, which is sensitive to the brain, remembering and waking to a decisive role; green high-fiber vegetables such as pepperAnd carrots, spinach, etc., to ensure that the brain cells get enough oxygen, making people feel refreshed throughout the afternoon.

In terms of staple foods, it is best to choose mung bean rice or whole wheat bread.

In addition, the starch content of potatoes is higher, it is best not to eat lunch, eat at night to help sleep.

In the order of eating, if you don’t want to sleep after eating, you should eat meat first, then eat vegetables, and finally eat staple food.
Don’t eat too much for lunch, and eat a few whole grains of biscuits or chocolate to replenish energy during tea time.

In addition, eating pineapple, orange, lemon and other fruits containing a lot of vitamins in the work gap can also eliminate the nervous system fatigue and make people full.
Bananas and sunflower seeds have the effect of inhibiting brain thinking, which can easily cause drowsiness. It is best not to eat.

Develop a correct nap habit 1. Try to lie on the chair as much as possible to reduce the discomfort of sleeping on your head.

2, do not take more than 20 minutes for each nap time.

3, wear contact lenses, it is best to take the lens off first, then start taking a nap, so as not to feel sore eyes.

4, after the nap, immediately get up and wash your face, then drink a cup of hot tea, sugary sweet drink will make the body easy to fatigue, try not to drink.

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