A Guide to Healthy Travel on National Day

A Guide to Healthy Travel on National Day

What to pay attention to when traveling on National Day?

Seven days of National Day holiday, it is a joy to go out and play, but you have to pay attention, you must also pay attention to health care when travelling on National Day, must be fully prepared for food, clothing and transportation, so that you can play healthily.

The following describes the precautions for travelling on National Day. You can’t ignore it!

  What to pay attention to during National Day tourism health care?

  Go out and play in autumn. Be careful of allergies. In autumn, due to the great climate change, you are susceptible to illness during travel.

Medically called “meteorological allergies.”

The main clinical symptoms are headache, nausea, insomnia, and irritability. Individuals may have diarrhea, fever, and joint pain.

  According to statistics, due to their relatively weak constitution, about 50% of the elderly will suffer from weather allergies.

  Prevention methods: First, pay attention to the weather before going out, and add and remove clothing reasonably according to weather changes, in order to prevent sudden changes in the climate to induce diseases.

  The second is the elderly, do not go to travel in excessive or cold weather, people with cardiovascular disease do not go to the Tibetan Plateau, rheumatic patients do not go to the forest to travel, in order to prevent aggravating the disease.

  The third is to prepare some medicines during the tour, so as to properly prepare some according to your health.

  What kind of food is most suitable to carry on the go?

  Remember to drink plenty of water when you go out.

In addition to molecular weight, you should eat more alkaline foods, such as kelp, laver, soy products, as well as vitamins such as fresh apples, kiwis, and whole grains, because these foods can eliminate fatigue.

At the same time, sufficient water and vitamins can not only cope with the dryness in the compartment, but also improve the body’s immunity and prevent diseases such as constipation.

  Diet should be light during the trip, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation.

You should try to eat in the restaurant in your place of residence, bring your own tableware and drinking glasses, which is convenient and hygienic.

For local flavor snacks, you should mainly taste, and don’t eat too much at one time.

  When traveling, you must boil the water sources such as mountains, rivers, and lakes before fermenting; wild plants grow in the summer and autumn, and you should eat wild plants such as wild vegetables and wild mushrooms; waste wild animals and water that have been picked up in the wild for unknown causesProducts, mushrooms and wild vegetables; when eating farmhouse food, eat less or try not to eat wild vegetables that have not been seen before, with little or no cold dishes, eat hot dishes and tell them to cook thoroughly.

If you have trouble dining outdoors, try to bring your own food and calories.

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