Measure your family’s emotional focus

Measure your family’s emotional focus

Please do the following questions to see if the relationship between your husband and wife is affected by your children.


How many consecutive days have you been alone?

A.B. half a yearTwo months C.Week 2.

If the child is small, A is sleeping.
You and your lover sleep separately B.
The child sleeps between the two C.
The child sleeps in another bed 3.

The child is already old, every time he enters your room, A.
Room B has not been separated from the children.
Enter C without saying hello.
After knocking on the door, enter 4.

Between spouse and child, which one do you think you care more about?

  Still a kid cute B.
Children are still young, so they need to care more about C.
Spouse matters 5.

You go out for a walk.
Always lead the child and have no time to take care of each other B.
Lead the child, but also find a chance to talk privately C.
Without the children, I think it’s better to be together.

Some more intimate words A.
Say B in front of the child.
In the presence of the child but also pay attention to the size C.
You can say 7 in front of your child.

In addition to taking care of the children, I still maintain all the small moods when I am in love, such as eating some music, taking a walk or dancing.
It’s been a long time since B.
Sometimes I want to do this.
Almost the same as before 8.

When your lover and your child are arguing to talk to you at the same time.
You always pay more attention to your child’s B.
B. Listen to the more important person first, and then let the other person say C.Of course, listen to your lover first.

Come out three people holding hands and go to C.
You and your lover hold hands and let the child play the scoring method: For each of the above questions, choose A to get 1 point, choose B to get 2 points, and choose C to get 3 points.

  Analysis of self-test results: gradually evolved below 11 points, indicating that your husband and wife ‘s life has been seriously affected by their children, and you should seize the opportunity to change quickly; the conversion grabbed at 12-18 points, which indicates that your husband and wife ‘s life is more happy and you have a happinessA gradual increase of more than 18 points indicates that your husband and wife have a good relationship, but you need to give your children more care.

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